Sweat and glory

We sweated a bit, but we learned even more and, most importantly, we really enjoyed it! The first idea was to provide you with a ready-to-use toolbox: a collection of instruments and procedures that we tested and improved, and that you could just download and use in your school. However, gradually we came to realise that the only way to really become competent in supporting your own students is to go through the cycle yourself (preferably with colleagues).

We learned that the initial situation (type of students, class size, language level, preference of the teacher, educational culture, etc.) is too much of a determining factor to work with default material. Secondly, it is really important that teachers have a profound understanding of the various challenges and opportunities of coaching autonomous learning. This can only be reached by trying to figure it out yourself with your students and colleagues. In other words: by doing action research.

So, are there ready-made materials after all? Yes, we are teachers and we know it’s good to start with something concrete. You can use our models as you please (Toolbox), but we strongly believe that it’s even better to ‘tune’ them to your initial situation.