Initial situation analysis

What ‘ground’ do you start in?

What is the state of affairs in your school regarding (the promotion of) autonomous learning?

What is the knowledge and perception of teachers and students on the topic?

We designed a questionnaire and analysed the results. Feel free to use it: it will be interesting to compare your results with ours.

The questionnaire

We wanted to find answers to the following questions:

  • how can I best analyse the needs and wants of my students with regard to speaking skills?
  • how can I best advise my students and motivate them to start practising speaking autonomously?

You can find the questionnaire here. Use it any way you like (copy it, alter it, use it partially, consider it a basis, ignore it).


Want to read our joint analysis of the first part of the questionnaire (needs analysis or diagnostic testing)? Check it out here. You will see that the questionnaire raised more questions than we had before, but it also made us conscious of aspects we had not thought of before.

So, again, it’s not so much about finding the perfect questionnaire. The debate and the analysis among colleagues are the real mechanisms that help us understand the initial situation.

You don‘t like the idea?

Just sit down with your colleagues and ask them similar questions in person. Go and talk with the students too. We actually learned that dialogue is the most powerful method of retrieving the information you want.