Escola Oficial d‘Idiomes de Girona (Girona, Spain)

We are a public centre dedicated to teaching language to adults, from 14 onwards,  located in Girona, Spain. At the EOI Girona you can study 8 languages: Arabic, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish for foreigners. There are about 3500 students at the EOI Girona.

Our aim is to develop:

- the student's ability to use a language effectively as a general vehicle of communication.
- the acknowledgement of and respect for linguistic and cultural diversity as a tool for dialogue between different peoples.

The EOI Girona coordinates smaller centres in different locations Sta. Coloma de Farners and Palafrugell. In collaboration with the Departament d'Ensenyament of Catalonia, the EOI Girona offers as well English courses for primary and secondary school teachers.Contact:

Address: Josep Viader i Moliner 16, 17005 Girona, Spain